Japan Officially Withdraw From the World Cup Brazil 2014

In the end, Japan must recognize the benefits of the Colombian team after being eliminated by the score of 4-1. At the beginning of the match Colombia took the lead thanks to a penalty from Cuadrado. But in the end the Japanese against the header from Shinji Okazaki who managed to break into Colombia. This position lasted until the first half ended.
But in the second half, Colombia making a hot strategy with includes James Rodriguez. This player managed to make the second goal that made the Japanese position be left behind. After that, Colombia is sequentially adding to goals with the results from Jackson Martinez. And Japan is getting left behind after Martinez was able adding collection goals for Colombia.
With results like this then Japan coach Alberto Zaccheroni commented that the Japanese team did not practice with the maximum. The defeat of the Japanese managed to eject from the group phase and must end their dream World Cup Brazil 2014.
The 61 year old coach is also said to take over all the responsibilities of players from failure. He said that in fact the Japanese team could play better if using the same strategy. But the result was a 4-1 defeat to a player’s mood worse.