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5 of the best coastal cycle routes


Cycling is fun and adventurous when you take the ride to 5 of the best coastal cycle routes of the world. These places will fill you with joy and you can experience the real joy of cycling. If you prefer an adventurous and dramatic bike ride then these coastal routes are the best. So, take out your bike and start your journey. Forget those boring and plain paths where you cannot enjoy the scenic beauty and feel fresh. Here we have 5 of the best routes that anyone who loves nature and cycling would love to go. So, let’s begin.

5 of the best coastal cycle routes

  • Northumberland coast– it is 9 mile route that takes you to the druridge bay. The nature appears in its best form here where you can hear the chirps of variety of birds. Here in the country park you will enjoy the beauty of nature as well other amenities at coast. This place is perfect for picnic.
  • Cumbrian coast- this is place of outstanding natural beauty which starts from the Hadrian’s Wall path to Drumburgh, Anthorn and Glasson. Then you will reach to cardurnoca k peninsula. If you continue cycling then you will reach to Bowness-on-Solway. Here a nature reserve, Campfield marsh that is a wetland paradise and it is waiting for you. The 360 degree view of this paradise will leave you stunned.
  • North Thanet coast– among 5 of the best coastal cycle routes, north Thanet coast is most beautiful. This route begins from the sea wall. On your way to reculver Country Park, you will see sandy beaches, spectacular chalk cliffs, and rock pooled bays. If you don’t want to get your cycle and feet wet then ride on the cliff top road which is a perfect short section for the riders. Its stunning beach view and grassy area is a perfect picnic spot.
  • Norfolk coast– the 10-mile road is a circular path that is near Kings Lynn and riding on this path you will reach to the Holkham national nature reserve. This reserve is very beautiful and is known as unspoilt nature reserve. If you are bored from cycling and want to have some fun then take a boat ride to Blakeney point.
  • Gower Peninsula– the Gower peninsula is the traffic-free area where you can enjoy a peaceful ride. This coastline is spread on the burry estuary that was earlier an industrial wasteland. Later it was transformed and now its green corridor offering the best peninsula views to riders. The popular burry port beach and Llanelli beach is the favorite of sea kayakers and surfers.

These were 5 of the best coastal cycle routes that will enhance cycling experience of riders. While cycling on these routes you will never feel boring because there is so much to see around you. Nature’s beauty and peaceful environment are perfect for those who love peace. If you are with someone then cycling on these routes will double your

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