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The 5 best cycling holidays for you


Cycling is green, good and most important it is healthy. The routes, bikes and riders everyone has changed then why not cycling holidays. Yes! They have also changed and are more specialized now. The tour operators have found the best cycling holidays for their customers. If you wish to cover long distances then road cycling holidays are best. If you want more adventure and fun then bike holidays will give you that excitement and fun. Anyone who wants to enjoy the in-between ride can take leisure cycling holidays. However, destination place an important role which means you should know the best place for fun and cycling. Here are the 5 best cycling holidays just for you.

The options are endless when you go for this unique holiday. You can mix it with other activities such as gastro-bike or enjoy the wildlife. The cycling holidays will be fun and full of leisure. Don’t think that they will be flat or slow-moving.

The 5 best cycling holidays are here-

The top destinations for cycling holidays are as follows:

  • England
  • Scotland
  • Ireland
  • Wales
  • Isle of Wight

These places are perfect for cycle tours. Do you want to know why? Read below to know.

The verdant lake country- England

Begin your cycling holidays in south-east England in Chiltern Hills. The mountain and roads of a hill will give you the real taste of cycling. Within 2 days you will realize that it’s beyond cycling and you have done a lot of work. The pleasure of cycling here will make you curious about this place.


If you really want to get the essence of cycling holidays then Scotland is the perfect destination. The glorious scenery and seals at Scotland’s west coast, fort William, Inner Hebrides and great flen is truly wonderful. Not only cycling but sailing here is equally exciting.

The Welsh wilderness

The experience at Wales will be memorable. Here pedaling at downhills, sea coast, mountains, wool mills, forests, waterfalls, slate mines and lush river valleys are truly a joyful ride. Moreover, you can enjoy the beauty of Ramsay island bird reserve via the boat trip. Go to Snowdon via train and explore its beauty.

Isle of Wight

This place is made only for cycling. Take a ride to the freshwater bay where you can enjoy cycling on quite lanes, old railway tracks, rolling coast road that is spread over 60 miles. The steep moments double the fun of cycling.

Northern Ireland

The island hopping in a northern island is truly one of the 5 best cycling holidays. Ride from Belfast to Derry and take a stay on Rathlin Island then go back via the Bushmills Distillery and Giant’s Causeway to the Antrim coast.

These are 5 best cycling holidays where you should go once in a life.  While going on tour, don’t forget that injuries can occur if you don’t follow the instructions of a tour operator. Moreover, preferably get the best bikes which can ride on tough paths of mountains and hills. Take a kit with you while cycling so that you can fix the bike in case of emergency.



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